To Be Successful You’ll Need To Find New Clients

Where To Get New Clients

Knowing where to find new clients is extremely important. No matter how much you know and how good you get at presenting the packages, you need to find a quality source of new leads and clients. Watch the video above for a good overview of the top five avenues to generate new clients. Below you will find more information on organized business networking. This will help you launch into the world of business networking.

Getting The Most Out of Your Time and Efforts:

  • Quality over quantity. The temptation for some people is to try and meet as many business owners and go to as many meetings as possible. It’s much better to be working on three or four sales that you’re investing in and following up on than twenty potential clients that you’re doing a bad job following up with.
  • Don’t let someone string you along. If you haven’t closed within three meetings, you’re probably getting stringed along. Now, some situations require more meetings than others. However, be careful with your time because it’s your most valuable resource.
  • Don’t get squeezed. You’ll run into business owners that act interested but are squeezing you for information with the hopes that they can see what we do and reproduce it on their own. Generally, they will be asking a ton of details about the actual product, setting up to many meetings and asking you for advice for what they are currently doing with their own internet marketing.
  • Bait and hooking. While you’re out networking, you’ll run into a lot of people that bait and hook. These people are going to act like they are interested in your internet marketing services but are setting a meeting with the sole purpose of selling you on their products or services. Common culprits include all multi-level-marketing companies, insurance agents, brokers and other large corporate companies.
  • Staying consistent will give you the most success per your time. A regular and systematic schedule with a few hours a week is going to be a lot more effective than an unorganized approach working 4o hours one week and than not working for a few weeks. Invest a realistic amount of time every week to meet new potential clients, follow up with them, meet with them, sign them up and get paid!
  • Personal Networking

    Connect With Who You Already Know And Who They Know To Find New Clients

  • Organized Business Networking

    Great Way To Connect With Local Business Owners and Generate New Clients

  • Foot Prospecting

    Meet A Lot Of Business Owners In A Short Period Of Time

  • Cold Calling

    Talk To The Maximum Amount Of Business Owners Per Your Time

  • Out And About

    Keep Your Radar On As You’re Out And About To Land New Customers