What It Takes To Rank On The Search Engines

Build Your Company’s Relevance and Create Value

As we work on ranking your company on the search engines, we focus our efforts on two things. Building your company’s relevance and adding value. The more relevant you are the better you will do on the search engines. The more value your company adds to the internet, the better you will do on the search engines. These two principles are what the search engines have always asked for and will continue to ask for. Although we do more than five types of services to get your company to Be Found online, we have five core services that are proven to increase your relevance and value.

  • Create Relevance

    The more relevant your company is online the better you’ll rank in the search engines.

  • Create Value

    The more value your company creates online, the better you’ll rank in the search engines.

Relevance & Value – Five Components

Social Branding – Articles – Press Releases – Business Directories – Secondary Sites

One: Social Branding

Social branding is really important when building your company’s relevance across the web. The more social accounts that your business has the more relevant you become to the search engines. The most popular and well known social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin. But there are over 500 current social sites to list your business on and over 20 new social media sites launching every month.

Example social accounts:


  • Create Relevance

    The more social media sites your company is registered on the more relevant you become to the search engines.

  • Create Value

    Create value on the social media sites by adding your quality company, products and services to it’s database.

Two: 500-700 Word Articles

Our team creates and distributes 500-700 word industry relevant articles for your company. These articles are often helpful articles that create value for the readers. They will also link to your company’s website which increases your company’s online relevance. Our team will be writing and rewriting multiple articles for you every month. These articles will be distributed to tons of different websites.

Example Articles:

Article One
Article Two

  • Create Relevance

    Creating and distributing industry specific articles makes your company very relevant to your industry.

  • Create Value

    These articles create reader value by being helpful and informational.

Three: Press Releases

When the search engines see press releases about your company listed on news sites across the web, it makes you relevant. Good press releases add value to the news sites and to the web as a whole. Press releases are created and distributed strategically to a mixture of local and national websites.

Example press release:

Grand Opening

  • Create Relevance

    Press releases distributed on news sites makes you a relevant company online.

  • Create Value

    Press releases add value to the internet’s news websites and community.

Four: Business Directories

By listing your company in the online business directories, you become a relevant business. By getting positive customer reviews, you create value. Our team will be hard at work every month listing your company on the hundreds of business directories that are online. It’s your job to make sure your clients give you great reviews though.


Merchant Circle

  • Create Relevance

    The more directories your business is listed on the more relevant your company becomes.

  • Create Value

    Create value to the business directory sites by making sure your company is available for their users.

Five: Portal Websites

Portal websites, also known as secondary websites, are websites that are branded around your company and are designed to act as a portal to lead both humans and search engines to your website. These branded portal websites expand your company’s reach even further across the web making you really relevant. They also link to your main website which will pass any value that the portal site has to your main company website.


KC Detailing

  • Create Relevance

    The more places your company is found online the more relevant your company becomes.

  • Create Value

    The value created on your portal websites will be passed to your main company website.