View All Your Rankings In One Place

Here you can check your website’s rankings for multiple search terms at the same time. We encourage our clients to compare their website rankings on a monthly basis. It’s very common to see your rankings fluctuate over a shorter period. You’ll want to think of looking at your rankings like looking at a stock market graph; though there will be ups and downs the important thing is that over time your overall rankings are climbing. Remember, the internet is not stagnant – it is very dynamic. There are always different businesses doing many different types and levels of work which influences their rankings.

Navigating Your Ranking Report

Selecting Your Comparison Dates

By default when you first view your ranking report your most recent report will be compared with the second most recent. However, within the ranking report you can compare your rankings at different points in time. Below “Summary” you may select a date after both the “Compare” and “With” boxes. Upon changing dates push “update” to refresh the data.

What Do The Symbols Mean?

Green Arrow: your rankings have gone up
Red Arrow: your rankings have gone down
Orange Circle: your rankings have not changed
Green Plus: you are now ranking in the top 50 for a search term you previously were not
Red Minus: a term you were previously ranking in the top 50 for been lost

No value