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  • Watchmen Security Services | September

    Good afternoon. We’re emailing to let you know that your client dashboard has been updated for the month of September. Please be sure to read the immediate section below for detailed steps on how to add Be Found as a page manager to your social networks so we connect them to your website’s blog.

    IMPORTANT: Adding Be Found As Your Social Networks Page Manager

    Starting this month we’ll be connecting your website’s blog to your social media accounts. This means that as we post the videos, infographics and articles we’ve created for you on your blog they’ll automatically be syndicated to your social networks. To connect your social sites to your website, we may need some login information from you. To ensure your privacy we’ve put detailed steps below on how to do add Be Found as a Page Manager on sites that allow; or, if you’d like to simply send us your login information we can do these steps for you. If you are unsure if you’ve ever created an account on any of these domains, please type “N/A” in Account Information section at the bottom of this email.

    Adding A Facebook Business Page Manager
    Log into your Facebook account.
    Click the small dark blue triangle in the top right corner of the blue navigation bar.
    Click your business page. (Don’t see your business page listed? It might be associated with another Facebook account you created and forgot.)
    Click “Settings” near the top right the page (next to “Help”).
    Click Page Roles in the left column.
    Near the bottom of the list (above “Add Another Person”) you’ll see an empty box that says “specify an email address.”
    Type the email address: facebook@beefound.net
    Click “Editor” and select “Admin” from the dropdown menu.
    Click “Save” and enter your password to confirm.
    That’s it! After you’ve done this Be Found will be creating a developer’s application for syndicated blog posts.

    Adding Google Business Page Manager
    Go to: https://www.google.com/business/
    Click “Sign In”
    Enter your email and password
    Click “Manage This Page” on your your business page.
    Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your banner image
    Select “Settings”
    Click “Managers” from the grey horizontal navigation menu
    Click the blue “Add Mangers” button.
    Enter the email address: support@befound.marketing
    Click the blue “Invite” button
    That’s it! After you’ve done this Be Found will be creating a developer’s application for syndicated blog posts.

    Adding A LinkedIn Company Page Manager
    In order to connect your LinkedIn Business Page to your website’s blog posts we’ll need your LinkedIn username and password to create special developer application for your website. Once we have this information Be Found will be able to create that application for your syndicated blog posts.

    It is not currently possible to add multiple users to a Twitter account. If you’d like to have Be Found create a developer’s application to syndicate your blog posts to your twitter feed you’ll have to provide us with your username and password.

    As with Twitter, it is not currently possible to add multiple users to a Pinterest account. If you’d like to have Be Found syndicate your blog posts to your Pinterest account you’ll have to provide us with your username and password.

    Account Information
    Please provide us with the relevant information on your social media accounts below:
    Have you added support@befound.marketing as a Google Business Page Admin? (Y/N): Have you added facebook@beefound.net as a Facebook Page Admin? (Y/N): LInkedIn Username and Password: Twitter Username and Password: Pinterest Username and Password:

    Your New Media Is Available For Download

    The videos and images we create for you company are 100% yours. We use them for relevant content publication throughout the web to increase your trust and importance to search engines. Feel free to download these images and videos and use them in any way you want. They are yours. Just click the link below to download the media from Be Found’s Google Drive.

    September Notes

    In the month August your website had a total of 445 visits. Of these, 122 people came in from doing a Google search and 38 visited your website directly (direct visits are often repeat visitors who are either familiar with your brand, or have returned after shopping around).

    The majority of your website’s visitors originally land on the Home page, spend an average of 1.6 minutes on your website and visit 3 pages.

    To View More Detailed Information

    For more detailed information like ranking reports and published media please log into your Client Dashboard at http://befound.marketing/my-account